Michael Tollan, DPT, Puyallup, WA

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

Steve, We have used our ATM2 device at Olympic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation for over 5 years. We have had great success at exercising our back patients on the ATM2.

The patients with hypermobilities do very well since the stabilizing belts protect the mobile joint allowing us to train without the pain. I use the ATM2 with my patients with excessive thoracic kyphosis. They do very well exercising against the resistance and improve their posture post treatment. For golfers the hip component is very important. Having the mobility at the hip joint really protects the back and increases the range of rotation in the trunk allowing more power to be directed to the ball.

The ATM2 has been a great tool for our patients and they enjoy exercising with it since the results are immediate.

Michael Tollan, DPT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT