Payment Plan

Payment Plan (US customers only)

Call BackProject® at +1(408)730-1111 to request access to the inter-active on-line ATM2® payment plan order form. Based on your selections, the form will automatically calculate and total the initial payment and monthly payment dues. Once the form is completed, print it and fax to BackProject® together with a faxed copy of your completed and signed check, payable to BackProject® Corporation. Together with the fax of the signed order form, we do not need the original check. Upon receipt, we will process your order.

Summary of payment plan terms

  • Under this program, customers can purchase the ATM2® and spread its cost over several monthly payments (up to 10).
  • There is an extra $50 administration fee per payment, so customers have an incentive to pick fewer rather than more payments.
  • Last time we compared this plan with an equivalent term of a leasing company, our program worked out to be significantly less costly.
  • The reason we offer this program is to help our clients with their cash flow, but since we are not a bank, we are actually compromising our cash flow in the process. So the $50 per month charge, makes this a fair deal for our customers and BackProject®.
  • Security Deposit: None

 50% IRS ADA tax credit may be applicable.  Please consult your tax advisor.  BackProject® does not provide any tax advice.  It is not qualified to do so, and none of its employees or representatives are qualified to provide such advice either.

 BackProject® reserves the rights to refuse this program to any individual or organization based on it's own determination.