Lisa Harris, PT, Fayetteville, WV

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

Date: 5/19/2011

Had some GREAT results unlocking shoulders to achieve functional AROM reaching behind back with bilateral shoulders.  Pt. had no pain but couldn't touch back pocket with either hand.  No pain in this motion, just couldn't do it.......  put her facing pad and did the old shoulder set up with top 2 belts crossed over scapula.  pt. did isometric into extension f/b manual stretch into extension with 5 sec hold. Bilaterally.   I then put her sidelying and did manual stretch in to extension and IR behind back using Mullligan's SNAG hold of long axis distraction and lateral joint distraction.  Left thumb was just short of bra strap actively and right thumb was about 1.5 inches below that.  Active extension increased from approximately 5 degrees to 30 degrees bilaterally.   Pt. extremely pleased.  

Discussed Dr. Gross's pt. with him.   Encouraged him to visit clinic to observe / try ATM2.

Lisa Harris, PT


Date: 4/21/2011

Had a wonderful time with y'all In CA!!  What a great refresher on the ATM2!  You have Progressed treatment very nicely!  I have enjoyed working with all of the new techniques! 

One of my patients actually hugged the machine on her second visit.  Which was completely unexpected with that pt! :)

Lisa Harris, PT