Zane Gard, Beaverton, OR

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

Date: 5/3/2016

I have finished all the videos now (ATM2 Web Seminar Series). Great job, yes it's tedious at times training via watching videos on the computer but the camera views, content itself and explanations were very thorough and have left me with the knowledge I need to start treating patients effectively and I already have success stories.
I wanted to point out in particular that I enjoyed the description you gave in the early videos for fasciculation when you held the dowel up and balanced it showing how much you had to move your hand to stabilize. Using surface EMG also gave a good descriptive picture of what was going on. I also use an sEMG in my practice and being able to identify this patterning is very helpful in describing to your patient why they are experiencing the difficulty they are having and also proving with a data driven diagnostic test how they are not showing a normal movement pattern.
I have attached three slides from the Powerpoint presentation I use teaching Activator technique that cites Panjabi's paper on disorganized mechanoreceptor signals creating these joint problems because I think it fits perfectly with the work you are doing and secondly his work is well respected in the field.
I also liked your stating that a patient noticing an in session improvement is three times as likely to also get improvement in between sessions. I incorporated this into my patient discussion when I observe them noticing improvement on first session.
I ordered the fourth sets of straps from Kennedy to add to my wall ATM2 and noticed that the newer ones have a different rubber bushing. I prefer the way these feel when adjusting the buckle position. Is it possible to replace the rubber bushings on the original 3 sets of buckles with that rubber bushing?
I am looking forward to hands on training. I do have some seminars coming up starting in June and am hoping there aren't conflicts with the dates. As soon as you have some dates set for training please let me know.
Zane Gard, DC