Ordering an ATM2® is very quick and easy

Call BackProject® at +1(408)730-1111 to request access to the inter-active on-line ATM2® order form.   Based on your selections, the form will automatically calculate and total the amount due.   Once the form is completed, print it and fax back to us with a faxed copy of your completed check, payable to BackProject® Corporation.   Together with the fax of the signed order form, we do not need the original check.   Upon receipt, we will process your order.

Price list (Training is included, S&H is not included)

  • ATM2-WT™ --------- $call (wall mountable system)
  • ATM2-Pro™ -------- $call (free-standing system)
  • ATM2-Pro-H™  ---- $call (free-standing system - handicap edition)
  • ATM2-Pro-ST™ ----- $call (free-standing with embedded traction system)
  • ATM2-Pro-ST-H™  - $call (free-standing with embedded traction system - handicap edition)


  • HIP-RU2™ --------- $call (necessary for treating knee patients and for performance enhancement)
  • STS-HT™ ---------- $call (necessary for treating shoulder patients)
  • CMS™ ------------- $call (Used for treating cervical patients)

  50% IRS ADA tax credit may be applicable.  Please consult your tax advisor.  BackProject® does not provide any tax advice.  It is not qualified to do so, and none of its employees or representatives are qualified to provide such advice either.