Sandy L. Burkart, PhD PT and Dana Van Pelt, MBA PT

Sandy Burkart, Ph.D. PTDana Van Pelt, PT MBA LATCSDr. Burkart and Dana Van Pelt have developed an integrated movement system called Orthometrics. This innovative therapeutic approach uses low load training principles to kinesthetically program functional movement patterns to modulate pain and spasm and to bring about a balance in the sensory motor system. Enhancement of functional outcomes is achieved by:

  1. proprioceptively facilitating an awareness of functional movement, biomechanical alignment and posture control;
  2. increasing flexibility, strength, and endurance;
  3. realigning the center of gravity for efficient weight transfer; and
  4. improving motor coordination through functional neuromuscular processing that is dependent upon input from joint and muscle receptors.

Orthometrics and the ATM2 have been incorporated into a busy orthopedic and sports physical therapy practice. The ATM2 is utilized as a standing treatment table for the management of pain and mechanical dysfunction of the spine, hip, knee, and shoulder.

Over the past two years several hundred patients have been treated on the ATM2 and it represents an advancement in rehabilitative care. The ATM2 incorporates the concepts and principles of Orthometrics, manual, therapy and other methods of treatment advocated by McKenzie, Mulligan, and other clinicians who promote the clinical and scientific use of segmental spinal stabilization and spinal bracing.