Keith Good, LPT, CSCS, Reading, PA

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

Dr. Sandy Burkhart, PT, recently introduced me to ATM2. As I’m sure you are well aware he is a well-recognized leader in the field of physical therapy as an educator and clinician. He has really been my inspiration and mentor during my 18 years as a PT. During a recent conversation on unrelated issues, he asked me if I was familiar with the ATM. I told him I was not. He remarked, "you have to see this" (ATM). I traveled to his Florida clinic from Pennsylvania and witnessed several patients being treated on the ATM including spinal and extremity involvement.

I was impressed with the ATM’s versatility and ability to refine isolation of specific muscle groups. Being an unconventional exercise enthusiast, I decided to purchase the unit for its unique features of exercise and bring this unit to my own private practice of 15 years.

Only after I started treating patients personally with the ATM did I realize the dramatic improvement my spinal patients have experienced on their first experience with ATM. I only own my unit for 2 weeks and the rapid positive response in the context of influencing pain and movement patterns is like nothing I’ve ever seen in 18 years as a PT.

Although I’ve worked with a small sample to this point, I as well as my colleagues "have been sold" on its capabilities and we see some positive response to new patients being introduced to ATM daily.

My perception is that I am on the tip of the iceberg and my ability to help patients with the ATM is limited only by my commitment to patient problem solving and willingness to work on detail of its application

Keith Good, LPT, CSCS