BackProject Overview

BackProject® Corporation is a leading edge company that strives to develop clinically advanced treatment systems and concepts for musculoskeletal clinicians worldwide.  The ATM® Concept is the cornerstone treatment Concept developed specifically to significantly and immediately reduce pain.  Back pain costs have well been documented and certainly this year will reach new heights.  The annual cost in terms of lost productivity, medical expenses and workers’ compensation benefits will run into the tens of billions of dollars in the United States this year.

The ATM® Concept is a new Concept that can specifically address this major problem because the ATM® Concept is all about immediate results for many different types of pains.  Back, neck, shoulder, hip, pelvis and knee pain can be treated successfully using this Concept and treatment techniques.

The ATM2® treatment device developed from the Concept has been widely accepted and used by many leading world-class clinicians in the field of musculoskeletal disorders.  Since the system is non-invasive, logical, straightforward and easy to learn, it can be incorporated with many other types of treatment approaches.  The ATM2® has been embraced as an integral part of the treatment process in many top hospitals, universities and clinics in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.  It equally has excited many top clinicians that represent elite athletic environments including the NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA and the USOC training facility in Colorado Springs.  The United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT has also adopted this treatment device as a key component to keeping their young soldiers healthy and active.  The ATM® Concept has also been integrated into a number of prestigious teaching environments both in the physical therapy, chiropractic and athletic performance arenas.

Education is all about BackProject® Corporation.  As part of the on-going process to educate on the Concept, a five tier educational process was developed.  This was formulated to meet the demands of accelerating the understanding and usage of ATM2® systems, once a new clinician takes ownership.  A highly recognized CD-ROM was initially developed to provide the first tier introduction to the ATM® Concept.  The 45 minute, menu driven video, systematically approaches every angle of the learning process and specifically illuminates on ATM® protocols for a number of the basic treatment set ups and expected outcomes.  The second educational tier is the ATM2® audio training.  BackProject® developed a 60-minute audio file wherein the new user again goes through the basic steps to using the ATM2® but with additional advanced information on treating the more complex pain-issue, movement impairment patients.  This training goes through all the additional steps needed for an ATM® clinician from the minute the treatment session begins through the end of the session.  The third educational tier is the follow up ATM2® teletraining, teleconference call.  BackProject® developed a bi-monthly teleconference wherein the new user again goes through the basic steps to using the ATM2® and with additional advanced information on treating the more complex pain-issue, movement impairment patients.  New information on treating for athletic performance is also provided.  This support is enormously helpful and consist of not only an informal presentation format but also includes an open question and answer forum, collectively engaging all teleconference listeners to participate in this very informative, open style discussion on the ATM® Concept.  The fourth tier educational component consists of new users becoming part of the ATM® family by joining the widely accepted and completely user friendly, ATM user group.  The user group currently has hundreds of clinicians worldwide registered.  Significant new treatment protocols using the ATM2® as the major treatment component are discussed through e-mail exchanges daily.  New and exciting ways to treat some of the very complex spine cases are discussed with specific treatment successes and outcomes are routinely communicated.  This provides a vehicle to actively converse with the most gifted, highly credentialed, world-class clinicians and to pose questions to real problems with supportive real answers.  The fifth tier component comprises of specific advanced clinical usage of the ATM® concept as it relates to a specialty field.  This includes neurological disabilities (such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Spinal cord injuries, etc.), performance enhancement (such as golf etc.), pediatrics, musculoskeletal and functional rehab.  To attain this level of training, the ATM® clinician would contract to receive this highly specialized training from one of BackProject's faculty members.

To meet the continued demands for a system that can offer the same qualities as their flagship model, the ATM2-PRO, BackProject® designed a model that is smaller in size and can be secured onto any existing wall.  The two new models have the same consistent qualities as the ATM2-PRO but are wall mountable systems, available in a stationary and track model option.  The ATM2-W and WT models are easy to install, save space and are economical in price.

The HIP-RU2 is a new and innovative hip treatment system that allows patients to perform true, single leg, internal and external rotations while the pelvis is fully stabilized and in a full weight bearing, standing position.  Patients or athletes that routinely complain of tight hips can now use this system with great results. Surgical hip and knee patients can also use the HIP-RU2 with great success and ease of use.

The Scapulo-Thoracic Stabilization (STS) Harness was developed as a new stabilization system for the upper body area.  The STS Harness was developed specifically to target, isolate and stabilize those difficult areas of the upper thoracic, shoulder and cervical regions. The Harness provides more consistent isolation properties, leading to a more convenient way of repositioning the upper body and stabilizing those difficult problematic areas.

Lastly, BackProject® Corp continues to design, develop and manufacture new products and treatment systems at it's office and manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale, California.