CAP-I™ and CAP-II™

BackProject® is pleased to announce the basic and advanced ATM2® practitioners certification program. Practitioners that have the required experience, complete the required training, and demonstrate mastery of the ATM® Concept and ATM2® treatment techniques by passing the required exam,will be recognized as "Certified ATM2® Practitioners" (CAP-I™ or CAP-II™).

The purpose of recognizing practitioners as CAP-I™ or CAP-II™ is two fold:

  1. Create a referral source for other clinicians and the general public seeking clinical outcomes similar to the outcomes taught by BackProject educators. (i.e. For common pain patients: pain elimination within minutes during the first session followed by 50%-100% lasting pain relief immediately after the session; For golfers and other athletes: immediate performance enhancement in the form of immediate increase in quality and range of motion;).
  2. Provide a structured professional pathway to excellency for practitioners interested in mastering their treatment skills and increasing their confidence in achieving the outcomes they expect when following the ATM® Concept and ATM2® treatment techniques.

Requirements to earn and maintain CAP-I™ certification:

  1. Complete the ATM® Concept web seminar series (10 HRS).
  2. Complete the ATM® Concept hands-on course (12 HRS).
  3. Successfully pass the CAP-I™ practical exam (no travel required).
  4. Complete and pass annual CAP-I™ re-certification exams (no travel required).

Requirements to earn and maintain CAP-II™ certification:

  1. Have CAP-I™ certification for a minimum of one year. 
  2. Complete the advanced ATM® Concept hands-on seminars.
  3. Successfully pass the CAP-II™ practical exam (no travel required).
  4. Complete and pass annual CAP-II™ re-certification exams (no travel required).

Benefits of being a certified ATM2 Practitioner (CAP-I™ or CAP-II™):

  1. Earn the confidence to predict unprecedented clinical outcomes.
  2. Differentiate yourself from your competition.
  3. Receive higher quality referrals by earning the confidence of referrers in your skills and abilities.

Click here to open the CAP-I™ Registration Form.  Please complete the form and fax to +1(408)404-8100.