Referral and Golf Marketing Course - 5 hour, web-based

The Referral and Golf Marketing Course covers two main areas: Referral Marketing and Golf Marketing.

The best analogy to the most compelling referrals is telling a joke.  Typically, when someone tells a joke, the recipient, while still laughing, is already starting to think about the need to memorize the joke in order to pass it on to someone else.  This is the perfect example for the best type of referrals.  The recipient got some data (the joke), and with out being asked or having any financial incentive, has an urgency to pass on the joke.

This seminar teaches you why we behave this way, and how you can get your patients to pass on their experience in your clinic to their family, friend and associates, without you ever having to ask them and without any financial incentives.  Ultimately you want your patients to think to themselves, as they walk out of your clinic, "wow, what an experience?, who can I pass this on to?".

At the end of this seminar you will know:

  • What are the four required element to creating an environment that leads patients to have an urgency to refer your services 
  • How to improve each element
  • How to test and grade your clinic's referralability before, during and after implementing each step of this program
  • How to identify and penetrate the best social networks which leads to the best referrals
  • How to incentify referrals without financial compensation
  • How to more than double your potential market by expanding into the non-pain market
  • How to market to golfers and other athletes by offering them what no body has or can offer them

The five-hour ATM2 Referral and Golf Marketing Course is web-based, self-paced seminar.

$399 for the course alone (no manual), and $599 for course including professionally bound color manual (192 pages), ATM2 Performance Enhancement manual, personalized referral letter from World Long Drive Champion Gerry James (100 copies), original copy of the Golf Week Magazine issue with full page article explaining to golfers why they need to use the ATM2, slide show presentation in PDF format for live ATM2 presentation and speaking opportunities.

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