Sample Ads

Being able to truly differentiate your business (clinic) from your competitors', in a way that is important to the target audience (patients), is one of the most important, but yet least achieved marketing goal.

Considering that the primary reason patients visit chiropractic and physical therapy clinics is pain and restricted movement (that will not kill them), making the following common statements really does not achieve differentiation:

  • If you are looking for comfortable, effective back pain relief, you have come to the right place!
  • We put our patients first
  • We listen to you and help you heal - All clinicians will say this even if it is not totally true.
  • We are passionate about helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • We use XYZ techniques and equipment.

All clinicians will say any of the above - even if it is not totally true (to say the least). With regard to the last sample statement - every clinician has a toolbox of techniques and equipment and patients really don't care what you have. All they care about is whether you can relieve them of their pain and or restore their movement.

The real test as to whether a business has truly differentiated its self from its compotitors is when the competitors want to say the same thing but cannot, even when their integrity is unimportant to them. For example:

"For almost all common back, neck, shoulder, knee, pelvis and hip pain patients, we expect:

  1. Pain elimination during your first session; followed by
  2. 50%-100% pain relief and or increase in pain-free range of motion - immediately after the fitst session.

We are so confident in our expectations of the above outcomes, that we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with a full money back guarantee, so you know that when you leave our facility after the very first session, you will either have a huge relief in your pain, if not total relief, or you will have all your money in your pocket."

Would you like to make such a proposition to patients?  I am guessing that you will not, even if you want to.  With the indefinately extendable money back guarantee we offer clinicians that purchase an ATM2 from us (call for details), you are assured that with an ATM2 system and the ATM Concept training, you will be confident to make a similar patient proposition as above.  Your competitors will not, and you will have achieve true and significant marketing differentiation.

In this section, you will find sample advertisements of clinics that use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems.

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