Tong Lee, DC, Chino, CA

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

I have a chiropractic clinic which specializes treatment of Lumbar disc herniation and Neurology/Brain base therapy, especially Fibromyalgia. ATM2 is an integral part of treatment programs for disc herniation ans well as re-hab.

Reseach statistics shows that success rate of lumbar decompression treatment is 86%. However, with ATM2, it increases much higher than the researches have indicated. Especially, ATM2 is vital for re-habilitation of those patients. Not long ago, a patient walked into my office. Rather, this particular patient entered my office with aids from his family because his low back locked up the day before and had been literally bed ridden since then. He went to see a chiropractor and received treatments ( cold pack, ems, traction, etc.) on the day his low back locked-up. The chiropractor was not able to adjust the patient because the pain persisted and unable to maneuver for manual adjustment. They wanted call an ambulance, but did not have enough money. They also did not have an insurance. This patient was in bed all day long before they walked into my office next day.

His ranges of motion in flexion and extension were 5-10 degree maximum. When I tried to put him in ATM2, he was scare because he was afraid to perform flexion and extention movements. After initial 10 reps each of flexion and extention, his range of motion increased to more than 50% of normal range with 70% pain free. Neddless to say, he was able to walk out on his own.

Next day, he came back for another ATM2 session, and Class IV laser therapy and he was ready to run. I told him to retuern for another session, but he never return. I guess, I treated him too well to soon.

I also treated one of my friend who is an avid golfer. He has been unhappy with his recent golf game because "He is dead last in very golf game" with his friend and loses friendly bet for lunch or dinner. He was reluctant to get on ATM2 therapy for golfer because he was very skeptical. He tried on ATM2 with my guarantee that his golf game will improve and he may be able to beat his buddies. While he was on the ATM2 golf program, one of his buddies teased him and told him that if he beats him in the next golf meeting after the therapy, he would carry his golf bag for 4 weeks.

My friend told that since the ATM2 theray my friend has not been carry his golf back for the next 4 weeks. He also told me that he beat his teasing golf buddy by 7 strokes in the golf game right after the therapy with ATM2 and has not lost games to his buddy since then.

I found that ATM2 is such a superior equipment to eliminate pain which is neck, back, shoulder, and knee related.

Tong Lee, DC