ATM2 Models

We have various models of the ATM2®.  Here are brief descriptions of the differences between these various ATM2® systems and optional accessories, plus links to pictures, videos and more detailed descriptions on our website:

ATM2-Pro-ST-H™ Handicap edition with uni-lateral segmental traction
ATM2-Pro-ST™ Standard edition with uni-lateral segmental traction
ATM2-Pro-H™ Handicap edition
ATM2-Pro™ Standard edition
ATM2-WT™ Wall mounted system
  • Upgrade from ATM2-Pro™ to ATM2-Pro-ST™ is not an option as these are two totally different systems
  • Upgrade from Standard to Handicap edition is optional
Hip-RU2™ Hip rotation unit necessary for knees and makes hips and performance enhancement more effective and self operated.  
STS-HT™ Scapulo thoracic stabilization system. Necessary for shoulders and women with augmented breasts.  
CMS™ Cervical Mobilization & Stabilization Unit. Used for cervical performance enhancement.  


  • The HIP-RU2™, STS-HT™, and CMS™ are add-on items for any of the ATM2® systems