Cecil George Philip, PT, Dubai, U.A.E

Subject: Effectiveness of ATM2 Equipment

Respected Sir,

Active therapeutic movement device is an answer to the quickest interventional technique to alleviate low back pain. From a personal perspective and from leads obtained through evidence based practices, I think that the instrument is a cutting edge technology, which is both biomechanically relevant and implicates the need for a faster reduction of LBP that is sustained for a long time. I have found significant results with the device in cases with sacroiliac dysfunctions and other mechanical manifestations (spasm, tightness). The innovative infrastructure saves both the time for diagnosis and treatment and opens inroads to analysis of lumbopelvic rhythm as an integral entity to provide the right regime of treatment.

I am a physiotherapist working in the Middle East (Rashid Hospital) and have used the equipment for mechanical low back pain (flexion dysfunction). I strongly believe that the ratchets used at the pelvic level while performing the flexion movement controls “counter-nutation” (sacral promontory moves posteriorly & superiorly, and coccyx moves anteriorly with relation to the Ilium). Thereby, it incites the mobility of the stiff spinal segments in an unhindered manner. This biomechanical principle attributes to the quick change (3 sessions for marked reduction of nociceptive symptoms) .

This finding is definitely a scope for further investigation and experiment on other back pain conditions. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely, 

Cecil George Philip, Physiotherapist, MPT (MIAP. MEPS) .DAC. DYT