Todd Lazenby, Head Athletic Trainer, San Francisco 49rs

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from clinicians whom actively use the ATM Concept and ATM2 systems in their respective clinics. None of these clinical educators received any compensation for their endorsement. (The ATM2 was formerly called the PR3000T and Pelvic Restrainer).

I am very impressed with the ATM2 and the ATM concept. BackProject has developed a very functional device for not only decreasing back pain, but more importantly help restore normal physiological movement and function to injured spinal segments. 

I've found the ATM2 to be a very useful and integral part in getting our athletes with thoracic, lumbar and pelvic dysfunction back onto the field. The unit provides us a tool that not only stabilizes a painful spinal segment, but it also simultaneously normalizes neuromuscular function of the surrounding muscles. 

Our athletes come off of the unit with better ROM and less pain, which in turn gives us better results in our rehabilitation programs. The ATM2 has also been a part of my core stabilization program as well. I have utilized the ATM2 to treat osteitis pubis and groin injuries with good success. In addition, we can use the ATM2 to help improve our athletes' pelvic and hip flexibility by utilizing it as a stretching aid.

Overall, the ATM2 has been a great addition to our training room and our treatment protocols for thoracic, lumbar and pelvic injuries.

Todd Lazenby, Head Athletic Trainer
San Francisco 49rs