BackProject's Third-Party Trademark Usage Guidelines

The name BackProject is synonymous with high-quality medical rehabilitation and exercise equipment and services. BackProject's trademarks are extremely valuable because they represent the standards of excellence, quality, and goodwill associated with BackProject. BackProject has developed the guidelines below to assist you in properly using its trademarks. BackProject reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time and solely at its discretion.

BackProject's Trademarks.

Below is a list of some of BackProject's brands:

  • BackProject®
  • ATM®
  • ATM®2
  • ATM®2-Pro-ST
  • ATM®2-Pro
  • ATM®2-WT
  • ATM®2-W
  • ATM®2-PS
  • ATM®2-MD
  • ATM®2-MDT
  • ATM®2-MW
  • ATM®2-H3
  • HIP-RU2
  • STS

Permissible Uses of BackProject's Marks.
You may use BackProject's marks to refer to BackProject's goods/services. Your use of BackProject's marks must not mislead consumers as to any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of your company or its goods/services by BackProject. For example, you may note in advertising and marketing material that you are selling goods/services that support or are used in connection with BackProject's goods/services, provided that references to BackProject's marks comply with these guidelines.

You may indicate the relationship of your goods/services to BackProject's goods/services by using an accurate, descriptive tagline, such as "for BACKPROJECT® products". The tagline may appear within text in the same type as the name of your good/service. The tagline must appear in significantly smaller type than the name of your good/service on any product or product packaging and in any advertising, promotional, and/or marketing materials.

Generic Terms: 
Always use a generic term in association with any of BackProject's marks, such as "BACKPROJECT® products" or "ATM® devices". 

Prohibited Uses of BackProject's Trademarks. 
As previously noted, you may not use BackProject's trademarks in any manner that would cause confusion as to BackProject's sponsorship, affiliation, and/or endorsement. You may not use BackProject's trademarks as part of your own trademark, service mark, trade name, company name, or domain name. The following trademark uses are also prohibited:

Trademarks are adjectives, and BackProject's trademarks should not be used as nouns or in the possessive or plural form. For example, "ATM® devices' benefits" is proper and "ATM®'s benefits" is not. 

Variant Marks: 
You may not use a variation of any of BackProject's trademarks, as variations may cause consumer confusion as to the source of the goods/services.

You may not modify BackProject's trademarks in any way, as altered marks may cause consumer confusion as to the source of the goods/services. You may not combine your mark or a third-party mark with any of BackProject's trademarks.

Proper Notice and Attribution.
Any use of BackProject's trademarks must be in association with an appropriate trademark symbol and with a disclaimer.

Trademark Symbols: 
An appropriate trademark symbol (i.e., ®, ™, SM) should appear at least with the first and most prominent use of BackProject's trademark on products and product packaging and in advertising, marketing, and/or promotional materials. An appropriate trademark symbol should also appear with the first use of the mark in text or body copy.

When using BackProject's marks, please include a statement attributing the mark to BackProject, such as "ATM® is the registered trademark of BackProject Corporation". 

For further information with respect to BackProject's trademarks, please send an email to