Finance Application (US customers only)

  • Click here to open NCMIC's Finance Application
  • Upon completion, fax to 877-776-7244

Monthly Payments :

  • ATM2-WT™ --------  $77.13 (wall mountable system)
  • ATM2-Pro™ ------- $111.26 (free-standing system)
  • ATM2-Pro-H™ ----- $130.28 (free-standing, handicap system)
  • ATM2-Pro-ST™ ---- $165.89 (free-standing with embedded traction system)
  • ATM2-Pro-ST-H™ -- $188.01 (free-standing, handicap with embedded traction system)

Optional Items

  • Hip-RU2™ --------  $10.90 (necessary for treating knee patients and for performance enhancement)
  • STS-HT™ ---------   $6.55 (necessary for treating shoulder patients)
  • CMS™ ------------  $11.24 (Used for treating cervical patients)

† Financing based on 60 monthly payments. Sales tax, S&H, and one-time $150 filing fee not included.  The information on this page does not represent a commitment to finance and may expire any time. Monthly payments are based on NCMIC Finance Corporation and are subject to credit approval. NCMIC Finance Corporation, BackProject Corporation, and ATM2 Centers, Inc. are separate companies, are not agents of one another, and have no authority to bind one another to financial or other contractual obligations.