Mick Spain, Dublin, Ireland

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from back sufferers who experienced the ATM2 (formerly called PR3000T & Pelvic Restrainer). 
Our intention is not to give the impression that this is a miracle cure, or that such results are guarantied!

Recently, a problem I had with my lower back returned. I had gained only temporary relief for a couple of months, after numerous expensive visits to the Physio (Physical Therapist).

Upon re-occurrence, the Physio at my sports club suggested trying out this device. I agreed without much confidence.

That was less than a week ago, my problem has healed by 80% in 5 days, following three 20 minute workouts on this ground breaking machine.

I envisage full recovery within the next couple of days.

And if the problem ever returns, I now know where to turn to, with confidence of a fast pain relieving solution.

Just try it once.

Mick Spain PT, DC