Outcomes to Expect

OUTCOMES TO EXPECT: For Pain Patients (chronic & acute)

  • Pain elimination during the session
  • 50%-100% lasting pain relief and/or increase in pain-free ROM immediately after the session
  • Suitable for almost all common Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Pelvis, and Hip pain patients
  • Some clinics, including ATM2 Centers, Inc. are so confident they will achieve the above clinical results that they offer patients an un-conditional 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Lasting, consistent, immediate, and predictable increase in range of motion with no end range, risk prone movements.
  • Possible immediate increase in strength, not due to muscle strengthening which takes significant time and effort to achieve, but rather due to an optimization in muscle activation patterns that occur on the automatic level as is consistently evidenced by use of sEMG devices.
  • Suitable for everyone, without age limitation, and almost without regard to health condition.
  • Guaranteed!

OUTCOMES TO EXPECT: For Posture Patients

  • Immediate, consistent, and predictable improvement in posture on the automatic level.
  • No need to "teach" good posture.  With the ATM2™ it happens automatically, due to its simple, yet advanced capability to alter CNS muscle activation patterns on the automatic level.
  • Normalizes forward head position, rolled shoulders, and pelvis position.
  • Guaranteed!

OUTCOMES TO EXPECT: For Scoliosis Patients

  • Many different physical therapy treatments have been utilized to treat scoliosis including electrical muscle stimulation, bracing, various exercise programs, and manipulation among others.  Unfortunately these have not been found to be very effective treatments for scoliosis.
  • Clinical evidence has been documented for the efficacy of the ATM2™ when used with patients who have LBP, hip problems, shoulder problems and cervical problems.
  • The ATM2™ was also found to be effective in helping to reverse the curves in a patient with scoliosis who was actually being treated for a frozen shoulder in a recently published case study.
  • The results of an ongoing study have been quite promising that the ATM2™ is effective in not only helping to decrease pain and increase range of motion (ROM) but also significantly improve the posture and appearance of the spine in one who has scoliosis.