Regen R., Sioux Falls, SD

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from back sufferers who experienced the ATM2 (formerly called PR3000T & Pelvic Restrainer). 
Our intention is not to give the impression that this is a miracle cure, or that such results are guarantied!

Date: 3/25/14

I have only ever had two treatments on the ATM2 machine. It was years ago, but I went without any pain for eight months. During this time I had to move out of the state of Colorado and I was not able to afford chiropractic treatments, but I remained pain free for the eight months! I currently see a chiropractor once a month, and I have been in care for over three years (consistently). My chiropractic treatments offer the benefits that regular chiropractic care offers. Healthy immune system, alignment, and they even help to an extent with my migraine headaches. What they do not offer is any relief from the pain caused by the car accident I was in. I may feel relief for 15 minutes, but by the end of the day, it is as if I never went to the chiropractor at all. If my chiropractor had the ATM2, it would not make me go just once so I would be without pain. It would add to the benefits of the regular treatments I'm already getting - but she could add a higher level of care, and offer for me to be PAIN FREE and have a healthy immune system. I am curious to know if I had been able to see the chiropractor in Denver that used the ATM2 on me all these years, what my back would feel like as well as to know what other areas he could have used it on to help me have a better quality of life!?

Hope this helps!

Regen R