Shara Hilliard, Dexton, TX

Please note that these are spontaneous unedited responses from back sufferers who experienced the ATM2 (formerly called PR3000T & Pelvic Restrainer). 
Our intention is not to give the impression that this is a miracle cure, or that such results are guarantied!

Date: 7/3/2012

My Name is Shara Hilliard and I took a bad fall from a horse in March of 2005 and have suffered from lower back pain ever since.

I got pregnant in 2009 and with the increase in weight and previous back injury my pain intensified to include sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg.  It was hard to sleep, couldn't sit for long periods of time and just general weakness. I went through a barrage of tests with the doctor until it was determined that I had several bulging discs in my lumbar spine. I was sent to physical therapy with grand hopes of feeling better as now I knew what the problem was and the therapists were going to help me and I would be pain free.......Not I spent over 8 weeks in physical therapy and it seemed as though my pain was getting worse.

A friend recommended Dr Allan Rosenbaum and so I made my first appt but wasn't as excited as I once had been as I was losing hope that I would ever be back to myself (pain free) Walking out the door of my first appointment I remember thinking hmm I feel great but there is no way that the machine he had used could make a difference in my back as the weeks of physical therapy had not.

I was scheduled for my next appointment with Dr Rosenbaum just a couple days later and by the time I met with him for a 2nd time my outlook had changed, as I had already seen a drastic improvement in my pain levels and mobility. Now after seeing Dr Rosenbaum only 3 times I am virtually pain free. I am walking and hiking like I use to and able to play with my now almost 3 yr old daughter rolling around on the floor and throwing her in the air.  I would reccomend Dr Rosenbaum and actually have to everyone I speak to that has that they just cant seem to get rid of.

Shara Hilliard, Former Patient