MS with significant hip, trunk and gluteal weakness

Quantum Physical Therapy

I wanted to let you know about something really amazing that we are doing with our ATM.  

We have a patient with MS with significant hip, trunk and gluteal weakness that has not responded well to conventional strength and balance exercises.  I have started working him in the ATM doing: trunk extension and flexion; lateral trunk flex; hip ext, abduction, internal and external rotation.  

When he started, when strapped into the ATM, he was unable to abduct, extend or rotate wither hip against resistance and had mininal movement against gravity.  After 4 sessions he is able to abduct 10 reps in abd against resistance graded 2+/5 during those reps; extend with a grade of 3/5 in extension for 20 reps and IR/ER with 1+ to 2-/5 for 5 to 6 reps.  

He has a noticable decease in muscle atrophy of the trunk muscles and we have also begun to see and change in his pelvic obliquity and he no longer has back pain (he never told us he was having back pain that he has had for 5 yrs until the ATM got rid of it!).  

Like I have said you can have my ATM2 when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

Hope all is well with you and hope to speak with you soon.

Bradley Pearsall, PTA
Quantum Physical Therapy
Ypsilanti, MI