Using the ATM2 to Address A Golfer's Posture

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Using the ATM2 to Address A Golfer's Posture

A Nationwide Tour player came to me in November two years ago wanting to add muscle mass in order to hit the ball further off the tee. After his initial BACKtoGOLF evaluation, I determined that lack of strength was not his problem, but rather posture and lack of flexibility. He committed to coming twice a week from Nov-January during his off-season.

Treatment first focused in proper posture at address. He demonstrated increased thoracic kyphosis. His golf pro had been telling him to "stick his butt out" as a way to correct this. Using soft tissue mobilization, foam roll posture routine, Pilates posture scan, the mirror and tactile cueing for feedback we began to work on finding a more neutral posture at address. He did well in sitting and even standing, but when he went into his set up address, he continued to demonstrate increased thoracic kyphosis. As much as I cued him, he still could not find neutral.

I put him on the ATM2, facing inward, using the two lower straps to immobilize pelvis and the upper strap at the apex of his thoracic kyphosis. I had him go through a protocol of thoracic extension x 10 followed by thoracic rotation x 10 to each side followed by thoracic extension again x 10.

We stepped off the ATM2 and went straight to his set up at address, and, for the first time he was able to feel and find neutral. He felt the difference in his body and said, "My golf pro has been trying to get me into this position for 10 years." We continued to work on his posture and flexibility using a combination of soft tissue mobilization, ATM2 mobiliations, and posture awareness training.

He and his golf pro was very happy. He won several Tight Lies tour events that year and had his best year yet on the Nationwide Tour.

Amy Goddard, PT