Soldier Returning from Iraq and Elderly Golfer

El Paso HealthMasters 09-18-12 - 10:54 AM

I have had many great stories but let me relay two one more recent and the other several months ago.

The first is the older of the two and it was a soldier who returning from Iraq had a severe episode of back pain now going on for weeks. He had gone through what we would describe as tradition care for his spine without any results. He has a ten plus year history of LBP. When we had him in the clinic the first day he was fearful of bending forward for the exam and frankly had difficulty putting his boots on for work. I began the ATM program with him and we did not have a traditional result. The gains were much slower than I am accustomed to however the client was so pleased since he could both feel and see changes. His program took several weeks however the outcome was outstanding. His result was so positive we have received several of his colleagues as patients and have had similar results. The unique aspect of this case was the absolute chronicity of the back pain. Not unlike many golfers that I have seen in the past. His history was over ten years and many providers naturally had seen him over that extended period.

This leads to the second case an elderly golfer. This gentleman in his 80’s with bilateral knee replacement hip replacement and spinal fusion remains determined to continue playing golf. His exam is typical at the outset with a forward hip posture and severe back pain. I trained him on the ATM twice a week for 6 weeks and emphasized the need for attention so his posture. His posture is now upright; he played 18 holes Saturday without pain and is enjoying the outdoors and his family. This is what its all about I can use the device on a wide variety of clients and get exceptional outcomes. This gentleman comes in now about once every two weeks or so for exercise on the ATM. I will encourage him to continue to do so as long as he is playing golf as a part of his general fitness routine.

Louis Zuniga, PT