BackProject's latest edition to the ATM Family of Products is the newly developed, 2nd edition hip rotation unit, the HIP-RU2. The specific characteristics of this new device allows for patients to perform true, single leg, internal and external rotation while the pelvis is fully stabilized and in a full weight bearing, standing position. The affected hip or leg is bent with the knee at 90° flexion and with the bent portion comfortably resting in the "V" shaped, larger length support pad. Internal and/or external rotations with resistance, if appropriate, can then be performed. This 2nd edition model now offers full patient/clinician height adjustment control with the RU2's, newly designed gas cylinder lift mechanism. With a light tap on the self-operational, 2 finger release mechanism, patients can automatically adjust and control the desired height of the support pad.


Made in the USA

Manufacturer: BackProject Corporation

Dimensions: 36"Height x 19"Depth x 19"Width

Color: Silver Vein

Hip-RU2 Usage