Scapulo-Thoracic Stabilization Harness - Press Release

November 15, 2004 San Jose, CA - BackProject Corporation, a medical equipment supplier to the orthopedic and rehabilitation markets, would like to announce a new harness assembly to significantly increase the functionality of it's flag ship ATM2 product.

Steve Hoffman, President and CEO, announced today that BackProject is releasing a new ATM Scapulo-Thoracic stabilization harness. Steve Hoffman added: "With this new harness clinicians will be able to effectively stabilize the Scapulo-Thoracic area to achieve significantly better results for shoulder and cervical patients." Sharon Weiselfish, President of CenterIMT, (Center for Integrative Manual Therapy, located in Bloomfield, CT) stated: "we used the new thoracic belt for the first time on a 17 year old cerebral palsy child who succeeded in standing with correct (developmentally correct) movement patterns which we attribute to the positive effects of the ATM2 & its new harness".

BackProject provides an innovative, non-invasive clinical management system that incorporates a revolutionary approach and a leading edge medical device to address common musculoskeletal disorders such as knee, hip, pelvis, lumbar, thoracic, shoulder & cervical pains.

BackProject's patented ATM2 device enables personalized body repositioning for finding a unique, pain-free position for each user. Once this position is found, the device stabilizes the patient allowing specific neuromuscular training based on body movement isolation that aims to achieve and sustain immediate and significant pain reduction, increased range of motion, and improved function.

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