Business Model

Business Model - ATM2 Centers

Due to the unusual guarantee we offer our prospective patients...  they think they will pay either $41.11 or $0.00 for their 1st session...

Almost all leave $370 and refer their friends and family!

Here is what we tell patients before their session:
  • Sessions are about 10 minutes each.
  • The primary goal of the 1st session is to determine whether we can help.
  • You will know whether we can help, if both of the following occurs:
  1. Your pain will be eliminated during the session; and
  2. You will experience a 50%-100% pain relief and/or increase in pain free range of motion immediately after the session.
  • These immediate outcomes occur as a result of a neurological effect in which the Central Nervous System (CNS) learns how to move with significantly less or no pain.
  • To strengthen this neurological effect and to continuously reduce vulnerability and recurrences, we do recommend a minimum of ten sessions.
  • No drugs, no injections, no surgery, and no puncturing the skin.
  • Sessions are $41.11 each.  (we do not accept insurance)
  • If the first session is successful (as detailed above), you will be offered an option of a 10% discount for a 10-sessions pre-paid block ($370).
  • First session satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!
  • So you know for sure that after the first session you will either have a huge relief (if not total relief) in pain, or it cost you nothing.

Here is a real (typical) response:
Fantastic...I am very excited to bring my daughter in to visit you!  I appreciate all of the information you included in your response and I am very hopeful that she will get some relief from the ATM2®.

Clinic Cost & ROI:
  • ATM® Concept training and ATM2® equipment monthly payments start at $77.13/month* So...
  • At $370 per patient for just ten 10-minute sessions (as described above), just one new patient every 4 to 4½ months fully pays for it.
  • Surely you will get way more than one new patient every 4 to 4½ months if you can tell your prospective patients what we tell ours! (see above)

Guarantee: BackProject® fully guarantees ATM2® systems with an unprecedented, indefinitely-extendable, full money back guarantee, when purchased directly from BackProject®.